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Abril 2008

01. Funkagenda. Together (Marc Marzenit). Shelvin Records
02. Martin Brodin. Semitone Shuffle (Guy Gerber Remix). Deeplay Soultec
03. Soliquid. Lonesfield. Dekay Records
04. Gregor Tresher. A Thousand Nights (Dubfire). Great Stuff
05. Locodice. 7 Dunham Place Album. Desolat
06. Goldryan. Clacker
07. Fergie. Beak In /Out. Excentric Music
08. Julio Largente.World (Baunder remix). Off Side Recordings
09. Joel Armstrong. Rise & Fall (Joel vs Timo Rozendal Remix). DDR
10. DJ Yellow. Too Much Of Nothing. Wolfskuil Records
11. Andre Lodemann. Wanna Feel. Simple Records
12. Mechanique. A Perfect Alibi. Destroy the Ego
13. Futureshock. Tigerdust (Orig/Alex Neri). Renaissance
14. No Logo. Dark Star (Neil Quigley mix). Urbantorque
15. Dj Kira. Taking Control (Chloe Harris Remix)
16. Tomas Caturla. Water Lab (Andrez Remix)
17. Kos. Zero To Hero (Stryke’s Finish The Fight Remix). Familia Records
18. Lewis Ryder. Rock Out Of Bed EP. Outerspace Records
19. Mikobene & Fusion F .Rotary. Triptik Records
20. D-Pen. Nightworx

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